Saturday, January 26, 2013

Why doesn't Finagle Bagel move to NYC?

I'm sick, so it's time to post about random gripes.

Finagle Bagel is the best. It belongs in more cities!!

You canNOT get a breakfast bagel like this anywhere else... under $4.

This was a sausage, egg, and cheese on a jalapeno bagel. A few things are a little unfamiliar here to other bagel joints: real egg that they just cracked, 2 sausage patties instead of one, real melty cheese, and the best bagel ever.

We also had one on chocolate chip, which was also delicious.

Icing on the cake:

See the metal belt in front of the bagels? When you order a bagel, they throw it on there, and then it goes through this really fast slicer, and .... *tssss*.......*fugn*! It flies to the person preparing your bagel. It's awesome. I can watch it slice bagels all day.

I hear that if it messes one up, you get it for free! But I haven't been so luckily. The contraption is designed pretty well and tends to right the bagel before it gets to the slicer.

You want some Finagle Bagel? Visit Boston!

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