Monday, February 4, 2013

Zutto ramen

Sometimes I just don't want to travel and then be lied to about a 30 minute wait that always drags into a 1 hour + wait at Ippudo.

We've walked by Zutto about 100 times, but never bothered to go in. They have $10 tonkatsu ramen special on Mondays, which isn't too bad given that it's normally $15.

Ramen: Not as good as Ippudo: A little too al dente compared to Ippudo. It also takes a while for the kae-dama because the place is pretty under staffed.

Soup: Push: Less complex than Ippudo, but also less salty. It sat better afterwards because it didn't feel like I sucked the seasoned melted fat out of a pig. I mean that in the most delicious way possible.

Extras: Better than Ippudo: It doesn't come with the egg!! I guess Ippudo doesn't give you the egg either. The slices of pork were actually far superior to any other ramen place I've visited in NYC, because it's a nice thick cut of wonderfully marinated and slowly cooked belly.

What about the sides? I really don't care, but it was reasonably good. We had some panko eel with yuzu creme fraiche sauce.

I would have gotten steamed buns, but for those of you who read my blog, you might remember me overdosing on it a few months ago when I decided to steam buns until my arms hurt.

Overall? No wait and no commute is a win for me! MMMMMmmm KAE-DAMA!

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