Thursday, April 11, 2013

Landmarc: Throwback!

Landmarc was all the craze a few years ago, and the only thing that's changed about this small neighborhood restaurant... is well the city around it. Like all other hyped up things in New York City, the City loves you, worships you, uses you, and eventually leaves you in the dust (to state it nicely... this is a food blog after all).

Bone marrow 7/10: I don't know where they found a cow with such big bones, but the portions were definitely unnaturally large. They weren't as soft and gooey as other places.

Goat cheese profiteroles 5/10: They were such lonely dollops. They tasted a little heavy, and I don't know the meaning of the salad. I don't want to eat these profiteroles with salad.

Lamb meatballs 6.8/10: They were good.

Chicken liver mousse 8.5/10: It was pretty good mousse! No one wanted to dig into it because of the suspicious container. Even the waiter was confused and tried to remove it untouched.

This is what the mousse looked like inside. The picked onions were great! I think everyone else at the table missed out.

Calamari 5/10: It's just calamari. Kind of boring.

Skirt steak with green peppercorn sauce 7.5/10: If you're thinking that this steak looks like scorched earth, it wasn't bad camera work. It was actually this dark. It was on the medium side of medium rare, but still tender and delicious. The gravy was good. The fries were average diner fries.

Brussel sprouts and sauteed mushrooms 7/10

My neighbors were eating a lamb shank and a rib eye that would not fit on a normal plate. They must have gotten these cuts from the giant animal chunk factory where the bone marrow came from.

Dessert sampler 6.5/10: A bunch of bad desserts sandwiched between a good creme brulee and a delicious blueberry compote.

My favorite course: Cotton candy!! I'm pretty sure that it's supposed to be for children, but I always ask for it anyway. And it's so so good. Double throwback!

There are lots of restaurants like this in Manhattan that are good but not great. Reliable but not timeless. But if they all ended with cotton candy, I'd visit them more often (or maybe just the closest one).

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