Friday, November 2, 2012

Miller's Thumb (Cape Town)

 A trip is not a trip without visiting something of a dive. Well Miller's Thumb isn't exactly a dive. It comes highly recommended, and is rather well known. But it's run by an extremely friendly couple instead of being something of a corporation. The sweet lady let us in 5 minutes before closing for lunch!

The humble green and orange building stands out against the white and gray all around it.

Menus come in cute envelopes. "Mr & Mrs R U Hungry"... why yes I am!

Yellowtail Malay style, grilled then baked. 10/10. This is an extremely generous helping of yellowtail for around 10 USD. It was so tender that the fork had to double as a spoon. The thick tangy sauce seeped into the flakes, and there was only just enough to finish the fish.

Egg noodles on the side. They weren't that great, but who cares. It was more there as a neutral palate cleanser so that you can enjoy your next bite of fish as if it were your first.

Grilled calamari Moroccan style. 10/10. Once again, a very generous portion for around 10 USD. I have never had such fresh and tender calamari in my life. The breading was light - they put on just enough to carry the flavor of the herbs. It was then grilled so that you smell and taste the char. It also hardens the breading a little so that you get a slightly crunchy texture to contract the tender seafood.

Couscous. Simple, rather boring, not the most amazing couscous ever, but once again, I didn't care. It was just so I can cleanse my mouth between bites of calamari.

The entrees at Miller's Thumb were simple yet elegant. There was nothing missing, and no superfluous ingredients.

We tried to go back later on, but they were closed on (I believe) Sunday! I wasn't exactly living by calendar days at the time, so I cannot remember. But the next time I'm in Cape Town, this would be the only restaurant that I will revisit for sure. There are still many other dishes that I want to try!

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