Friday, December 14, 2012

Inside Out Egg

Back when I was looking for the Singaporean egg recipe, I came upon this video:

Since then, I've been waiting for one of my tights/pantyhose to get a run in it so that I can try this out.

It all starts with an egg:

and a stocking.

These got old. I did wash them first though.

Tape up the egg before the experiment. I didn't do it as elegantly as the person in the video. I didn't want to risk any leaks!

You're supposed to shine a flashlight through it before and after, but I forgot to do the before, and I'm pretty sure that at this point, the yolk was already broken. The inside looks pretty dark. But after this picture, I didn't know what was going on so I swung it like a maniac some more.

The way you break it is by centripetal force. You can tie a knot in the sock (don't use the leg with the run in it), and close the other end with the twisty tie and swing it like in the video while risking egging yourself in the face... or you can swing it vertically like a madman and risk smashing the egg into the floor or your wall. Your choice.

I forgot the step where you're supposed to flash freeze it after boiling so that the egg separates from the shell. Because you've most likely destroyed the thin membrane that makes peeling an egg so easy, it's important to remember this step.

I thought the egg looked pretty cool, and at this point you can no longer flash freeze...

So I kept peeling.

My egg wasn't quite inside out, but it was pretty cool none-the-less and was quite delicious. If I had boiled it longer, maybe the inside layer would have been lighter. It's kind of strange though that there was still a yolk-shaped layer on the inside.

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