Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lamb and Spinach Lasagna

Look, I'm not Italian. I don't know if lasagna is usually made with leftovers, but when I eat it in most places, it sure tastes like it. But as you might very well know, I love elevating leftovers.

Okay so I got a little aggressive with the cheese layer and it slid.. but you know what, I'd take more cheese layer over more pasta layers any day.

I had left over dough and spinach/ricotta/parmesan filling left over from making ravioli. I think of lasagna as its less elegant and much easier to make cousin.

I only have to roll the dough to the 2nd thinnest setting, and I can leave it in massive sheets. It's then boiled for about 5 minutes until soft. If you're using box pasta, please follow the box directions. It turns out that baking it doesn't actually add much additional cooking.

My bf went ahead and spiced some ground lamb to his liking. Those are onions btw, not garlic. This is the part where people use leftovers... just like leftover meat and veggies in fried rice. I say just get the fresh stuff darn it!! We were joking about putting the leftover ma po tofu in the lasagna. New age fusion?!

Cheese mixture. Yeah this was probably enough for 3 layers, not 2.

Make sure to add a tad extra salt in your meat. The pasta and cheese should be mild. No, do not over-salt the pasta water or cheese layer to compensate.

Layering!! I put some olive oil on the bottom so that the bottom pasta sheet doesn't stick.

More layering!! I criss cross the pasta in different directions. I have no idea why... the thing is stuck in a pan. But I guess it helps keep everything from sliding in case of an emergency.

I threw some parmesan on top, and baked it for 20 minutes. After all, everything was already cooked, so it was just a matter of melting the cheese. You can put pasta sauce on top and or meltier cheese. It's up to you. I simply didn't have any.

I had some pieces that were upright, but I think the goopy sliding ones look more rustic. Also I got hungry and ate all the upright ones before I got a chance to take a picture.

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