Saturday, June 30, 2012

456 Restaurant

456 Restaurant is one of my favorite restaurants in Manhattan Chinatown. It's not as greasy, they care about presentation, and their food is generally pretty good.

Last time we went, we discovered this little gem under the casseroles section: Fish fillet and tofu casserole. It's not as spicy as it looks and is really flavorful

It has delicious silken tofu on the bottom which balances out the sauciness and the nice crunch from peanuts on top... if you like peanuts.

We weren't in the mood for the traditional yu xiang rou si (shredded pork with fish sauce). BTW if you're not familiar with the dish, the pork is cut in almost a julienne across the grain as opposed to ripped along with the grain, and the fish sauce isn't all that fishy.

Anyhoo we were in the mood for something light so we got a whole steamed fish.

fish head says hi

The meat barely held together - it was so tender and so good (to rephrase WCW). The fish head might look scary, but it was just cut open a little funny... and I ate it!! great head, cheekbone, and collarbone meat. You just gotta find it.

It was a great meal as always. We got a little fished out at the end, but that wasn't the restaurant's fault.

We finished the meal with refreshing orange wedges and some prayers from the table next to us.

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