Thursday, June 21, 2012

Deep Blue Kinki Chicken Wings

At the JetBlue Terminal at JFK, Deep Blue is pretty prominent with slick modern designs and wavy blue neon lights. I was going to have the sushi here until I checked the Yelp reviews, which I usually agree with for NYC.

However, someone I know who introduced me to my current favorite chicken wings in the city recommended the chicken wings here, so of course I have to try them.

Kinki... Chicken wings

It tastes like it's been drenched in "duck sauce" from one of this chinese food stands, and I don't taste the mint as advertised, but overall it's pretty good. It's tangy and savory.

One other objection is I have no idea where they got these wings, but some of them were sliced in the middle! Watch out for jagged edges!

On a side note, parents shouldn't let their kids sleep face down on the floor anywhere - but especially in an airport - even if it's in an area with less traffic... like the back corner of a restaurant.

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