Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What am I eating? Chinese edition - Part 2

The eventfulness of my food journeys are measured by how well I fit into my jeans. This was so eventful that I don't even want to think about going near my jeans.

Here are some more interesting foods that I ate:

Eggs under the pear tree! This is how we got breakfast every morning.

Long beans (top right) - tastes like string beans, but more flavorful, and the skin is less of a shocking contract, also the little beans inside are smaller.

Pork tongue (bottom left) - so tender and good, but from the looks of it it was a pain to clean, and relatively easy to cook. Maybe more on this another day.

Shrimp and wintermelon soup (bottom right) - nice and hearty. It's made a little thicker and gooier by cornstarch as usual in Chinese cooking, as opposed to flour in Western cooking, which is more opaque.

Di Cai Jiao Zi (di cai dumplings) - Everything was hand made! My mom rolls the dough faster than I can stuff them. This is an art. Will probably talk more about this later. The inconsistencies are from multiple people working together :). About half will be boiled, and half will become pot stickers.

Di Cai's translation is literally ground vegetable. It's literally everywhere. We used to go foraging for them, but it's dirty outside, and it would take forever to collect the amount that we needed, so we buy it.

Pork stomach - not to be confused with pork belly, which is the fatty bit of meat growing on the belly. This is the organ lining. It was rubbed in salt water to extract impurities, and then blanched and reclined. It's super tender, and most people would probably enjoy it if they did not know what it was.

(BTW those are cooked dumplings in the back. We had them with a spicy sesame sauce)

Dessert! Ranier cherries, Freshly baked strawberry rhubarb pie, and mission figs

Best. White. Peaches. Ever... and ALL FOR ME.

New day, new menu:

Sauteed flat noodles (background) - your usual flat rice noodles cooked in hot oil with peas, eggs, and other stuff.

Fen Zhen Rou in Squash (foreground) - crushed rice-crusted short ribs steamed in a hollowed out squash. I personally like mine a little saltier, but it was still good.

Chinese BBQ Quail - Let's just say that I made a small graveyard in my bowl. And then I continued to eat this for dessert.

Liang Fen (cold noodle) - made from green bean starch and water with cucumbers. This can also be eaten in a souplike state with vinegar and sugar, or in a super spicy oil that gives me nightmares

A sauté of leftover winter melon and chives

And I've shown these before... but loquats are so good. I don't know why they're not very common in the supermarket.

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