Friday, June 22, 2012


So here I am in sunny California... absolutely starving, and my dear family left the food in the trunk during our ride home. They might as well have because the only readily edible food was this:

"Dim sum" from Ranch 99. It was DISGUSTING. The fa gao (bottom left) was all right, but everything with corn starch had congealed. I would have rated this food higher if you had told me the tofu things in the middle were crab rangoons.

But at least the groceries were promising. This was just the portion that was not in the cooler:

I just know that there's a blue crab hidden in there! I would have requested the crab babies given that they're in season, but I just had them last week. YUM.

We will also eat suspiciously fresh vegetables that are growing out of windowsill jars!

Someday my mother's collection of this:

Will become this:

a demain!

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