Monday, September 3, 2012

Jaleo (Washington D.C.)

Since Jose Andres treated us so well at Zaytinya, we decided to go to Jaleo for brunch the next day.

Really funky and fun decor around the bar area. There's a bull in the back if you look carefully. In front of us at the bar were pictures of people's dirty pants and shoes jumping. It was really disturbing, so I kept my attention to the hexagons before being served.

Stuffed peppers. Understuffed and overseasoned.

Patatas Bravas. Or as my bf called it... garlic potatoes with princess sauce. We make these potatoes at home all the time. And did two people collide with the mayo? This classic dish turned out to be a disaster.

Their signature shrimp dish. Very generous with the shrimp actually. You can't tell from this picture, but there were at least 8 pieces. There was too much oil... and the shrimp were slightly overcooked. The seasoning was good but nothing that special.

Quail. It was my favorite dish there, but even so, it wasn't that amazing. My mom makes better quail.

I was really upset at this place. This guy cooked at el Bulli? I can't even believe that it was the same chef from Zaytinya.

Instead of wasting your money, I'd just buy these!!!! They were so good. Okay we didn't eat them right after or on the same day, but after some long wanderings around the monuments, these ice cream bars (yes! Snickers ice cream!) got us pumped up. I have a much better memory of the CVS ice cream than the meal at Jaleo.

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