Friday, September 14, 2012

Miso Icelandic Cod (At Home)

I was wondering what to make for dinner this weekend, so I started asking the people around me what their favorite dishes were. (a little twisted, I know) One of them suggested (told me) miso cod. 'Lo and behold, Icelandic cod was on sale at Whole Foods.

This dish should be made with white miso, but I plan on making other things with the miso that required red miso... so I got red miso.

Cod marinating in a mixture of miso, sugar, and mirin. It takes about equal parts miso and sugar... which is a lot of sugar. The recipe also calls for sake, but I don't have any, and the honey vodka's too cute to open.

An hour and a gym workout later, I washed up some Boston lettuce.

It arrived aaallliiiveee! Pretty cool. But kind of pointless because it's going to get eaten very soon.

A few minutes later, the cod was done! The broiling didn't really work.. I guess a grill would have been better for charring the outside. The random strips are vermicelli, which I tried to make crunchy. It didn't work, but then I just cooked the vermicelli in the left over miso mixture, and that turned out to be a great addition to the dish.

*Almost* like Nobu. It was certainly worth it price-wise. We had 10 pieces for about the same price as 2. The cod wasn't nearly as fresh, but the sauce turned out just fine even with the red miso and no sake.

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