Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pork Loin with Smoked Spices

Foodie friends of ours sent us some spices in the mail (Thank you!!).

I think they know that we cook a lot of meat, and mentioned that we might like to try these spices out. Don't mind if we do!

Since it involved testing out new spices, my bf, the saucier, took charge.

Here's some pork loin sitting in a mixture of the spices.

He even made a "side" of angel hair pasta.

The meat was seared on both sides and then baked in the oven in foil until the interior was 145 degrees.

The meat was extremely tender and pretty darn close to perfect. As for the sauce... it was *great*. The smokiness really stuck to the meat. I could taste it with every bite. The pepper corns were very coarse and gave a great kick. I cut my meat thinly so that I could soak up all the juices on the bottom of the plate. Yum!

If you see these spices around, I definitely recommend buying them. The flavors were rich and smokey... And they've packaged it into a neat easy-to-use tin!

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