Monday, August 6, 2012

Homemade Dumplings - Lazy Style

Remember the dumplings I posted about 2 months ago? Probably not. Just to remind you, the dough was home made, and it took 3 people 45 minutes to make the dough and wrap all the dumplings. This recipe will take 2 people about 30 minutes to make almost the same amount of food.

Chinatown dumpling wrappers come in round/square and white/yellow. I usually get round and white for jiao zi/pot stickers, and I get square and yellow for wontons. Whole Foods just has square ones, so you're SOL and stuck with wontons.

For the filling, we mixed 2lbs of pork, 1 thinly sliced leek, a few green onions, 3 eggs, and whatever Asian sauces we wanted.

The round white wrappers were unusually thick this time. We were deeply alarmed by these new northern style wrappers that we hadn't bumped into before. Because of its thick edges, we were unable to make the traditional ornate sitting dumplings, but the wrappers turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Sleeping dumplings might not be as pretty, but they pack a ton of meat, and the wrapper was really bouncy and chewy! It was one of the best wrappers we've ever had.

Here are wontons ready for the freezer. They're made with really thin yellow square wrappers. You just put a little dollop of filling in the middle and close your fist. It's by far the fastest dumpling to make and cook. It's one of my favorite breakfast foods. If you make it with leek, don't be rude. Eat this before brushing.

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