Monday, August 13, 2012

Three Cups Chicken

I cook this more like 6 or maybe 9 cups chicken. I often eat a pound of chicken by accident because this recipe's so delicious.

We had extra chicken thighs from the crazy paella weekend, which I cubed and marinated a little in corn starch, soy sauce, and mirin.

I then sauteed the chicken with some ginger and green onion until the outside is cooked.

Chicken stock was added to the pot so that it just covered the chicken. I actually put in more stock than I needed.

The mixture was simmered partially covered it until the stock thickened into goo. Usually during the simmering I'm off doing something else... but make sure you know the water level so you don't burn your pot and your dinner!

Btw I don't usually add salt to this recipe. The stock and soy sauce usually has enough salt.

I added some sesame oil at the end to make it really fragrant. It makes a huge difference. I normally eat this over white rice... but we had some left over paella, so why not! It was flavor overload!

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