Sunday, August 12, 2012

Steamed Mussels and Creamed Spinach & Corn

I had about 1.5 pounds of extra mussels from the paella dinner that I iced and refrigerated to keep alive.

I cooked some shallots and celery in butter, threw the mussels on top, and doused them in the leftover white wine from last night. They opened up and were ready to eat in 5 minutes. The wine didn't completely evaporate from the celery and made them quite delicious and interesting.

And then I made some creamed corn. It was very good, but *so* heavy. I don't think that I'll be making this at home very often. I've gotten used to just shucking and boiling corn for 8 minutes. It's simple and guiltless.

My favorite creamed spinach is from Wolfgang's Steak House, and I tried to follow his recipe, but this was way too creamy as well. I think I'll make some garlic mashed potatoes, and just use the already creamed spinach and corn instead of adding cream.

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