Friday, August 10, 2012

Red Barn Bakery

I was sent an amazing spread of goodies from Red Barn Bakery the other day. Their foods are all organic. Here are my favorites:

This simple muffin reminds me of the delicious moist muffins that some really nice restaurants hand you on the way out. It was so spongy that it was almost like a cake, but it did not crumble. I could eat all day. It needed no accessories.

Breakfast cookie! It was a mix of seeds, nuts, and some of the best granola ingredients ever... cooked into a cookie! I thought the idea was brilliant. The portions were a little aggressive. I ate it over the course of 4 breakfasts.

A close 3rd was the American macaroons in the upper right hand corner. They're airy yet full of coconut.

We also had iced molasses cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and biscotti. I liked all three, but they did not blow me away. The molasses cookies were too sweet. I personally prefer my chocolate chip cookies chewy, and the biscotti were too crumbly.

Then there was this loaf of bread. It was much more monstrous than the picture looks. I will have to dig into it tomorrow and update the blog.

Overall I think that the bakery has some really great desserts. The flavors lean towards brown sugar and cinnamon, but even from my spread, there was something for everyone in taste and texture.


  1. Thank you very much for the wonderful desserts! The breakfast cookie was brilliant.