Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baluchi's, you know, the Indian place

We didn't feel like cooking, so we got Baluchi's. It's an Indian food chain, and (usually) has very average but dependable food.

We got two very dependable dishes. Chicken Tikka Masala (tangy sweet tomato based sauce), and Chicken Saagwala (spinach sauce).

We had it with their long grain rice, which is usually topped with peas and toasted coconut, and some onion naan.

I didn't get my usual mango laasi. Maybe it's that, or maybe it's because they're currently "Grade Pending" and they were too busy cleaning in the back, but we didn't feel so great after dinner.

I have to give this place a C! We're on strike until we're really lazy and happen to be stuck in the area without a reservation again.


  1. why is a foodie eating known average food? or is the 'daily' moniker supposed to be a pejorative?

  2. Because I don't have a reservation for the much better Tamarind restaurant nearby. Maybe it was lesson for a daily foodie - never eat known average food!