Saturday, July 14, 2012

Eataly's Rotisserie Chicken

Sometimes I just really crave a rotisserie chicken because I can't make one at home (yet). Most of the ones I've had are tasteless or too dry. Even the Hill Country half chicken is just eh.

When I want my rotisserie chicken, I go to Eataly. Their chicken's $5.80 per pound, and the guy at the counter cuts it up for you however you like it. It's so succulent that I eat it with bread so that I can wipe the chicken juices off the bottom of the container.

We got a particularly small bird this time, but we also had a lot of sides.

Their olive assortment is pretty good. We have an altered version of the olive rule where I eat the green olives, and my boo eats the purple ones. We grabbed a chunk of grana padano to munch on as an appetizer, and had a baguette with cherry balsamic and rosemary dressing.

We had all this with some white grape juice with a picture of Grover on it because I'm teetotaling until Tuesday.

Dessert course #1 was the fruit of the summer. I ate it in a slightly more civilized manner than the dude at whole foods who was taking down an entire quarter of a massive melon with his face - it looked right out of some comic book.

Dessert course #2 was blueberry pie with homemade rum ice cream. It was supposed to be tres leches ice cream, but it tastes like cream and rum.

If we stay up too late, I might have to have dessert course #3. Those azuki popsicles are shouting my name.

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