Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Takahachi is a great place to go in Tribeca if you want Japanese and don't want to cough it up for Nobu. I like it better than the one on Greenwich that gave me food poisoning, and Tokyo Bay, which is overpriced and not as quaint.

They have a bunch of sushi rolls named after old movies like Taxi Driver, Anaconda, Kiss of the Spider Woman, and our favorite, Passage to India. (I don't know if they're all movies, but I googled a couple and that seemed like the trend)

We got Passage to India, which has tuna and mango and is topped with a curry mayo sauce...
and Anaconda, which has tempura shrimp and is topped with eel. Anaconda is not that special, but our other usual is Kiss of the Spider Woman, which has a soft shell crab inside, and we've had too many soft shell crabs recently. I know... #firstworldproblems.

Best kept secret here? Their tempura. It's $1.50 for 2 pieces of veggies, and you have a wide range to pick from. It's $2.00 for 2 pieces of mushrooms, etc. It's really good tempura at a reasonable NYC price.

And then we got a big hearty bowl of udon to split! It brought us back to Honolulu. Since we've never been to Japan, it couldn't bring us all the way across the Pacific.

Really fun fact: Takahachi makes a lot of his dishes/pottery. The small bowls that they gave us to split the noodles, the tea cups, and the small sushi dishes were all made by him. The restaurant sometimes sells pieces at the front by the cashier.

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