Sunday, July 8, 2012

Homemade Steak Tacos

I know we *just* had tacos, but someone wasn't happy about the fact that we didn't have the *steak* tacos, so we made some carne asada at home.

I'm not the saucier in the household, so I let my saucier do his magic... which created toxic fumes that sent us into fits of coughing and crying.

The end result was delicious of course! But DO NOT attempt this at home boys and girls if you are sensitive to the burn.

We ended up using none of the jalapeƱo, and even added some eggs and avocado so that we can sleep at night.

I buried my meat in soothing add ons. The only thing that could have made this homemade taco better would have been a Doritos shell, but I have yet to find one!

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