Monday, July 9, 2012

Vosges Chocolate and Columbine Cookies

One day in Chicago almost a decade ago, I stumbled on Vosges Chocolat. Since then, I've had almost every single one of their truffles and chocolate bars. So of course, when I had a mad craving for the bean, I went to Soho.

Gilt City had a $50 dollars for $25 dollars deal, which is a trade that I'd do all day especially for really good chocolate. I went a little overboard and picked up 8 bars. Truffles are too high brow for this heat.

There is almost a flavor here for each of my moods.

Today I had the Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt Caramel Bar. The silver and purple foil was just as I remember - really easy to open - like a peel-off shirt. The chocolate is a marked improvement from the previous Himalayan Pink Sea Salt bar that they had where the crystals were in the chocolate. This time the salt was only in the caramel. Clearly Ghiradelli didn't patent their caramel square design, but it's for the good of mankind. This bar touches places that the Ghiradelli square could only imagine.

**That chocolate was so good, that honest to god I almost forgot to post about the cookies until I went for the "Publish" button right by the title**

Columbine makes killer cookies. The Cowboy cookie and the Ginger-Spice cookies are the best. I appreciate foods the most when I hate all of its other variations - like these ginger cookies and Blue Ribbon's chocolate chip bread pudding.

The Urban Legend Cowboy cookie has chocolate, oats, and pecans. Yeeeehaw!

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