Friday, July 13, 2012


Still the best noodles!

We got the classic. The broth was complex, and if you can't get enough of the noodles, you can get kae-dama!! You have to imagine that last part screamed. The meals come with a lot of screaming.

I had to try the new special noodles. They were cold squid ink ramen with a very savory dashi based broth.

It was very good, but a little heavy. The sauce was a tad oily. There was a little bit of cabbage underneath the pork that tasted very good dipped in the broth. It's really strange how good they are at cooking cabbage...

We wanted a little dessert afterwards, so we went to Sunrise Mart and got these red bean popsicles

It was like a solid bean! and so good! The entire thing was held together by solid frozen sweet red bean-ness.

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