Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Guapos Taco Truck

At some point while I was busy playing games, my friends went to Village Whiskey and really loved the burgers. I trust their taste so I would risk my reputation to recommend them.

I really wanted to try the taco truck, so I dragged everyone to the little nook near some other food stuffs where we found this

It was decorated with tiny bottle caps, and the menu was made of this tiny little cylinders that you stick into a honeycomb board that light up... and it was all indoors away from the heat.

Here are the tacos I tried. All of them were very good. I give them all 9/10 (but I haven't had a legit taco for a while and I've been craving them)

Lengua (Tongue) - SO TENDER!! It was a little salty, but they were selling margaritas nearby. Go figure.

Carnitas (pulled pork with pineapple salsa and radishes). It was great... but it was *even better* with this:

It was bit of a weak sauce, but it went well with the tacos.

Shrimp and Chorizo - It was good. the chorizo was a little on the salty side

Fish tacos - I've had better fish tacos, but it was very good compared to the other tacos from this truck. It was a little had to eat with the giant avocado wedges.

I didn't have the steak and chicken tacos, but here are pictures of them respectively:

At this point, we were out of time, and the gorgeous new plushy red carpet everywhere finally did me in. My shoe straps were about to make me bleed, so we rolled out.

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