Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nobu Next Door Restaurant Week

Restaurant week is when you get a $35 meal out of a restaurant that usually costs $100, but for food that you wouldn't usually order. Nobu is one of the better participants because you *would* actually order their choices even if you went without a budget.

For appetizers, they had yellowtail tartare, miso cod with butter lettuce, and rock shrimp tempura. The latter 2 are classics at Nobu and have spread to almost every Japanese restaurant in Manhattan and possibly other places.

This is the cuter version of the classic black cod. You pick it up like a taco and eat it with crunchiness and all. They were a little stingy on the portions, but it's hard to complain because it's restaurant week.

After trying rock shrimp tempura from a lot of different places, Nobu still makes it the best. I think it has something to do with making sure that the mayo completely coats the tempura without making you feel as if you're eating dressing.

We did not get the yellowtail - it's not that special even if they serve it with gold flakes and yamamomo.

For main, they had beef teppanyaki, arctic char, and sushi. Though I love sushi, after watching "Jiro Dreams of Sushi," I was worried that it would not be up to par.

The beef came sizzling hot (as the name implies)! It is a delightful manly dish. The only problem is that I try to coat my slice of beef in sauce, but then it accidentally overcooks. Maybe next time I will order it raw.

The arctic char was slightly overcooked... I was rather disappointed. But the dish was still pretty good overall. I love spinach, and I've been trying to make this crispy dry spinach at home. I feel like they cooked it with garlic somehow, and I think it's been sprinkled with sea salt.

For dessert, they did not have the profiteroles this year. They had this pina colada thing with white chocolate mousse. The random pieces on top are what corn flakes would be if they served corn flakes in heaven.

We did not order the super yummy cocktails because drinking cocktails *that* good in front of someone underage is about as offensive as smoking in front of a baby. But if you go and want to know what to order, the lychee martini is THE BEST. The cucumber thing is a good not-too-sweet drink where you think you're drinking cucumber juice, but you're actually drinking a lot of hard liquor. White rabbit is a good girly drink for the less ambitious. Then there's always sake.

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