Wednesday, July 11, 2012

White Peach and Myrica Sauce

It was like an episode of some cooking show. I had pork, spinach, and white peaches and had to make something for dinner.

Good thing I found this.

Myrica is the fuzzy red berry that you find next to the yellowtail tartare at Nobu or the soy duck aigamo at Kyo-Ya. It's also called Yang/Shan Mei or Yamamomo.

It also provided for me the flavor contrast and simple syrup to go with the white peach.

I diced the white peaches, threw in the myrica, some sherry vinegar, simple syrup, and cooked it all in butter, and reduced it into a nice sweet jam. I added a squirt of lime at the end to make it a little more open. I didn't have any mint unfortunately.

And then I made a simple savory dish

And ate the jam as a random topping to offset the savory. Unfortunately it was too sweet for my boo, so I would have gotten points docked for that.

I think I did okay. I wouldn't have gotten eliminated just yet...

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