Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fra Diavolo and Watermelon and White Peach Smoothie

So Thai food for lunch was a bit much. We ended up having dinner a little late...

I made a quick fra diavolo with angel hair pasta. I seriously thought that there were more ingredients to this sauce than tomatoes, garlic, oil, and chili flakes, but there really aren't. It's the little black dress of pasta sauces.

We ended up not adding seafood because the whole foods guy was being a space cadet.

As a result, we needed some meat (you know... to make this a complete meal)

Some chorizo with 60-days aged Zamarano (nutty hard cheese made from raw sheep milk) was just what we needed.

I also made some potato and leek soup, but it's ugly because I was too lazy to puree and strain it... so you don't get a picture. It's another insanely simple recipe - just boiled potatoes and leek with some salt.

In the meantime...

My boo made us some pureed watermelon with white peaches. In the process, he discovered that Magic Bullets were indeed a little magical. Only top notch ingredients went into this drink. He smacked watermelons for a good five minutes to pick out the perfect melon, and I still had white peaches left over from sunny California. He then poured in some ginger ale and put a peach wedge on top. It was delicious!

I'm thinking that we should freeze this drink and have it in a wine glass outside in the 100 degree heat... or even spice (spike?) it up a little ;)

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